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Hello dear data protectors,

I am pleased that you have found your way here and that you belong to the „crazy madmen“ who are also interested in data protection / privacy and freedom. Great respect for that! Due to my passion for data protection, I like to invest a lot of time in the project to fight for our values. The result is many contributions that shake, help and inform. As a student I also have to bear the costs for the operation of this website besides the time aspect. It can get tight at the end of the month. Therefore I am pleased about energetic support of my readers.

1. Follower Power

One way to support me and the privacy scene is to network with each other. Sounds banal, but don’t forget: Together we can achieve a lot. Alone we are like raindrops, together we form the stream of change.

You can follow me on the microblogging service Mastodon (like Twitter) and on the image service Pixelfed (like Instagram). Privacy related topics that are close to your heart can be discussed in my XMPP group. There you can also send us topic suggestions. For fans of this site there is the RSS feed. If you follow this feed, you will not miss any valuable contribution on this website in the future.

2. Affiliate programs: Order and Donate

Why Partner Programs? Running the website costs a lot of time and money. Not everyone is willing to donate for media offers like the website „“. Therefore partner programs offer the possibility that you support the work for privacy and liberty financially besides with your order, without additional costs to you thereby arise. The partners were selected with care and few partner links were set 🙂

2.1 Netcup Partner Program

Covered up with books and electronics, you are sure to want to get active now and take the Internet into your own hands. Do you want to create your own website or have other projects on the agenda? Then I can recommend Netcup to you in good conscience. My website is hosted by Netcup. I use the Webhosting 2000 package. When booking with Netcup you can use my voucher codes which can save you up to 30%. In return I receive a commission, which is directly reinvested in qualitative content.

Note: Netcup’s Privacy Policy applies to orders.

If you are a new Netcup customer, you could use this code:

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You could enter this on the following Netcup website or in the order process, then you will receive 5€ for your order at Netcup. It’s cool! 😉 Are you planning a long-term project? Then you can save up to 30% on your Netcup order in certain tariffs with my voucher codes. If you use the voucher code, the discount is valid for the entire duration 😀

If you are fast, you can use the discount codes below when ordering:

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Reminder: Code redemption takes place on this Netcup website.

Since the coupon codes are unique for each order transaction, they are quickly out of stock. So that everyone can get his desired discount code, you can contact me via Mastodon or the XMPP group „Netcup Vouchers & Discounts“ without obligation. 😀 There you can ask for further discount codes for the following Netcup rates:

Webhosting 2000 / 4000 / 8000 (for WordPress)– 30%
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3. Cash donation

Also offline I have an open ear for my readers. You are welcome to write me a personal letter or send me a cash donation. Whether you want to indicate the sender or remain anonymous is entirely up to you. Please send your submissions to:

Michael Zerba
D6 12
68159 Mannheim, Germany

4. Bitcoin

Hello Friend, welcome to the crypto world. Bitcoin is the world’s leading digital means of payment based on a decentralized booking system. If you use the digital currency Bitcoin, you can send a donation via this link 😛

5. Data protection coaching

Of course I will help you with small data protection questions free of charge. If you have major concerns in the area of data protection or if you need advice on the implementation of the Basic Data Protection Ordinance (DSGVO), we can arrange personal data protection coaching via XMPP, e-mail or telephone. Invoicing will then take place by arrangement on an hourly basis.

Note: If you contact us via mobile or fixed network, you may also have to pay the usual telephone charges of your service provider.

6. Transparency: Donation status

Here I will keep you informed about the current donation status:

Note: The donations are tax revenues according to § 8 Abs. 1 EStG, which are to be taxed, so that effectively less remains.

Current donation status (Before tax)0€
October 20190€
November 20190€
December 20190€

Since I am a student, your support on this page helps me to provide better and better content in the area of privacy and freedom for you in the future <3

Depending on the amount of donations, I can increase the number and quality of articles and e.g. start new audio & video offers (podcast etc).

Financial targets: What happens to the revenues?

The work on this blog takes a lot of time. I like to bring them to 😀 My goal is to increase the number and quality of articles and to create new multimedia offers. However, I still work while I’m studying. Therefore your support helps me. The more independent I am of the earned income, the more time I can invest here.

Stage 1: Cost recovery
> Coverage of costs for hosting, coffee and bureaucracy.
> Insight: About 100€ and a lot of time is invested in this project!
> Result: At least one article appears per week.
Stage 2: Hardware acquisition
> Start of new audio and video offers (Podcast, PeerTube etc.)
> Insight: Microphone, camera, mobile phone, laptop required
> Result: More articles and multimedia editing
Stage 3: Data protection hustle
> From 500€ and more per month: Life = data protection hustle
> Goal: Privacy King, OpenSource Patron, World Changer

7. Future [Planning 2020]

Whoever does what he already can always remains what he already is.“ – Henry Ford (Citation)

The world’s spinning and I’m moving too. That’s why I constantly think about new realizable projects, which can be realized soon. I’m really keen on audio and video offers and can imagine very well to bring out my own merchandising articles. New articles are being worked on. Be curious what the future will bring. I am glad that you accompany us on this way 🙂

Do you have any suggestions? We are open to your suggestions and look forward to any form of participation. Contact us for inquiries!

LG Mr. Dataprotection & Team